Saturday, November 28, 2009

Down South

on friday me and cameron headed for yalls at 4 30 and on arrival at supertubes we saw superfun 4 foot a frames, as we got suited up cameron realised he had forgot his fins which led us on a treck back to dunsborough to get some of his mate. after supers we surfed a fun reforming little wedge then went and got some expensive lunch. in the arvo Aframes was fun until some french bastards came out and thought they owned the place. frames from supoers up tomoz

Saturday after the coldest and worst sleep ever we checked everywhere and everntually found somewhere where surfing, but we only got a couple of hours in before the onshores arrived which kinda sucked as nthe waves were amazing while they lasted. heres some shots i got of box when we checked it to keep you interested.

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