Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today was the most shittest thing that has ever happend to me and my 3 good friends joshua fullston, Jack Bunyan and the most unluck Cameron Dicks.

Started off to be one of the best days of my life as we were heading down south for a 3m offshore, and got the and smiths and A frames were so sick, and we scored some awesome waves. would show you frames but read on to find out why not

after a sick surf we had some food and me and Cameron decided to go back of to Aframes as we saw some sick wedges, i brought my camera and Camerons car keys down to the beach in my bag as i was gonna surf for a bit then go get some water angles. when we hopped out i searched for my bag for a good half hour but had no luck, and to make things worst when i was looking my bag my baord and fins got swepped away and i lost one of my churchills.

When we went to the car we were devo as fuck as we couldnt get home so cameron had to car his dad who was a legend and sent a locksmith out to us but set caeron back $150 dollars. I then walked back down the beach to ask some people if they had seen anything but i was unlucky, but my fortune changed for only 1 minute as i saw a little blue and yellow fin i quickly ran and grabbed my churchiil which made me stoked for a while.

On the car trip back everything seemed like it was getting better until we saw a massive crash and 2 dead bodies which was extremely sad and just made the day worst but somehow it still gets worse.

after arriving back cameron was dropping me and josh at mandurah station and a guy came up to the car asking for a lighter and then started on cameron. he then said have any of you guys seen a 9 mm and we were left speachless, and he said get your wallets out or your all fucked and im taking the car and all its goods. somehow we managed to get away but i would say that all of this would think this is the worst experience of our lives.

Today our debts are:
-really good touch phone
-car keys
-$150 on new keys

Me (Stephen Dodd)
-$800 dollars worth of cameras and camera accesories
-a bag and clothes
-loss of some bullshit footage

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